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Jim Sadist, or better known as the guy in NunSlaughter with the red pants, was admitted to the hospital for a serious stroke a couple days after performing with Gravewurm at Hells Headbash #2 in September 2015.

His condition stabilized throughout September but sadly turned fatal after experiencing yet another stroke.

Jim was a massive inspiration during the formative years of Hells Headbangers. Not only did he take us under his metal wing and teach us how to get an LP made, he introduced us to many great bands over the years and his death/thrash band The SPAWN OF SATAN was the very first to sign to Hells Headbangers longggg before we made any footprint on the metal map. Without him we may of never released a single NunSlaughter record or have even become a record label for that matter.

This compilation is the first digital release of all of The SPAWN OF SATAN material that’s been published so far. Donate for this download if you can or at least give it a listen at full volume.


released September 11, 2015


all rights reserved



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Track Name: The Church of Horror
The soul is possessed
Infernal sentence of unholy death
Living to follow the Devil's command
Killing to flourish on his evil land

(From) cauldrons of white hot flame
The mystic powers rise
Smashing the pearly gates
Massacre in the skies

As darkness unfolds
God's chosen suffer from the curse
Upon the throne of heresy
The tyrant laughs at the deceased

Christians die
In plagues of terror
Savage death
The gruesome murders
Commit the carnage
The piles of corpses

Driven mad with bestial rage
The Stygian emanate
Ripping through the ancient graves
Of the evil dead
Embodied fiends are killing for
The taste of holy blood

Mangled humans nailed to wood
Are left to die alone
Strips of mutilated flesh
Are dangling from their bones
The kings of hell exulting in
The endless blood and gore
The ruins of the battered earth
The Church of Horror!
Track Name: Vigils For the Damned
Evil spreads across the land
Like a plague that has no cure
Behold the sign of Baphomet
Carved in the poison earth
With perverse Satanic rites
We raise the twisted church

Evildoers gathering
At midnight in the fields
Hooded figures worshiping
In vigils for the damned
A sacrifice to be made
I know that it is I
Summon lords from darker realms
I am prepared to die


The orders from below
Bring the darkness up to the surface
Stand tall in his shadow
You have served your purpose

The reign of the devil

The canticles morbid rhymes
The congregation sings
Their voices turn into the shrieks
Of supernatural beings

Fires that light the way to hell
Ignite the darkened sky
Before the blade can pierce my flesh
I have already died
Track Name: The Code of the Craft
The witches blood is boiling
With a contempt for humanity
Her brothers and sisters were hunted and murdered
By the superstitious masses

Chased to a range of nearby mountains
At the edge of the colony
Assembling her spirit familiars
To ward off the enemy
The forces of the netherworld
The sorceress commands
To inflict a wrath of vengeance
No mortal shall withstand

Magic used for vengeful means
So goes the myth of old
That the fates of all the spells you cast
Shall be yours sevenfold

Young is the moon
Burning on high
Red is the hue
Of his evil eyes
Drink from a skull
Scream like the wind
Hatred exhumes
The fury within

Oh Gods of stars and soil
Do with spite thy baneful deeds
Onto the fearful and misled
Total death by disease

Stricken within a fatal illness
The settlers begin to die
One by one they slowly perish
From the widespread epidemic
The witch returned to the place
Where her people had once lived
For what she would discover there
She'd wish she never did
Track Name: What Evil Dwells
Inverted, crosses burn with hate
Demonic, a priest condemned to death

What evil dwells

Possession, a sickness of the soul
Satanic, cult shall kill again

What evil dwells
In the oath of wicked faith

Sadistic rituals were held in honor of the beast
Through acts of sheer brutality, He robbed them of their lives
The man was executed for these crimes , but still his presence looms...
Torturing the minds of those who wish only to forget

Allegiance, to Satan, the slaughter
Fell the knife cutting deep

Visions, of the killer, the nightmares
Tormenting them in their sleep

At the clearing, in the forest, the coven
Are preparing themselves for the kill

By sunrise, another, victim's
Innocent blood has been spilled
Track Name: The Everlasting Terror
There's a preacher in the church
Praying for the dead
Crippled by Satan's curse
The everlasting terror

Forgotten souls plunge into Lucifer's abyss
Son of God torn from the cross
The horrid sacrilege

Demons laugh at epitaphs
inscribed in sacred crypts
A God defied is denied
By dying for their sins


You know your death is near
The phantom dog has come
Satan's claws are digging in
There is nowhere to run

There's a vicar in the church
Longing for his death
A vicious sempiternity
The everlasting terror

Hellish flames ascend
The chapel burns from the inside out
Apostasy, hypocrisy
Christ again renounced
Reich of death
His majesty they serve
World of peace
Never to return

The everlasting terror.

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